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Dermalogica Expert

At Urbanescape we have been providing dermalogica treatments to the people of Huddersfield since 2010 and year on year Urbanescape continues to develop her skills. Each year we are again recognised as Dermalogica Expert providing the forefront of treatments, to the highest of standards.

Maintaining these standards means keeping up with the latest treatments and beauty courses available from Dermalogica. This is something which we carry out with great importance and pride. Most recently we have introduced the Pro 30 and Pro 60 skin treatments to our beauty salon. These treatments are customised treatment targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time (30 or 60 minutes).

Dermalogica: Every Face

If you have concerns over your facial skin and would like to talk to someone about it, the treatments offered are non-surgical, yet very comprehensive treatments, and we can advise which are best for you and your skin.

Maybe you need a quick pick-me-up before a big event, or an in-depth facial, dermalogica’s professional skin treatments are completely tailored to your skin’s needs.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements before your visit if you would like to contact us.

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Dermalogica Retail

Already a fan of dermalogica products? Then you may use some of it at home to help maintain and improve your skin. As a recognized retailer of dermalogica products, and with our expert status we can help you choose the perfect products for your skin. We can also recommend how best to use them in the comfort of your own home.

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